Our Approach

We Specialize, Customize and Make It Personal

We are proud that our solid ethics and unique way of conducting business result in the success of our client plans and many long-term relationships. Today we continue to serve many of the clients that company founder Norman J. Nicolay began working with 30 years ago.


We specialize—in pension planning consulting exclusively. Our work does not contemplate the sale of life insurance, mutual funds or other securities. This approach assures our clients of our complete objectivity and impartiality.

We focus on a specific, exclusive client group—church plans and other tax-exempt organizations, such as cities, municipalities, counties, school districts and public service organizations. Focusing provides a depth of consulting skills and resources rarely equaled.

We only offer custom-designed plans—that directly address our clients’ specific needs and objectives. Customized plans let us offer an unparalleled level of expertise and the personal service that our clients and our staff prefer.

We annually reinvest a generous percentage of revenues in our business—as a commitment to our business and to enhanced client services.


The consultant who sells the work does the work—ensuring continuity of relationship and expert knowledge of our client’s industry and specific needs. This personalized approach, especially unique in today’s impersonal market, ensures the success of our clients’ plans. It also transfers much of the responsibility and burden of the work from the client to Nicolay Consulting professionals.